KS&R is a global market research firm which works closely with clients in a range of industries to improve market position, increase returns on marketing investments, and to define and implement market entry

strategies that get real results.

A few facts about KS&R:

  • KS&R is ranked #1 for the 8th consecutive year in a major industry study among market research buyers.  We also rank #1 in data quality, analytical skills, communications skills, and on-time delivery.
  • KS&R is among the top 50 U.S. market research firms.
  • KS&R was founded in 1983 and employs over 100 people across their headquarters location in Syracuse, New York, and staff locations in metro New York, Memphis, Seattle, and Frankfurt.
  • KS&R owns and operates INSITE, a full-service survey contact center.
  • Their services are based around dedicated business teams focused on major industries, including technology, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare/medical devices/pharmaceuticals, retail, and finance/insurance verticals.
  • Their experts include business strategists with client-side experience, qualitative specialists, and experienced analytic professionals.
  • KS&R conducts research worldwide. Their unified global data collection network ensures that every study reflects the appropriate cultural and political understanding. And their global tracking research services currently measure customer satisfaction and loyalty among stakeholders, salesforces, and customers in more than 120 countries and 40 languages, including many of the emerging nations across Asia, Africa, and South America.

KS&R is proud to announce the recent acquisition of DMD, a market research consultancy and leader in healthcare insights focused on the pharmacy channel, including the growing area of specialty pharmaceuticals.

A few facts about DMD:

  • Since 1971, DMD has a tradition of helping clients “Know More and Connect Better”, especially in the pharmacy space.
  • For over 45 years DMD has been helping clients make better decisions by providing key insights from their unparalleled pharmacy (Specialty, Retail, and Hospital) expertise and access to high-quality panels of decision makers and influencers.
  • DMD serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industries. Their services are designed to fulfill their clients’ critical marketing information needs from pharmacies, patients, hospitals, physicians, and their competitive environment. Their many years of experience and industry resources, including proprietary panels, allows us to reach hard-to-find segments and provide their clients with a quick reporting turnaround.
  • DMD’s full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and technologies are customized to each client and marketing concern.
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