How UCF Football is Winning…in Business!

Heading into tonight’s game against Temple University, The University of Central Florida’s football team has won 20 games in a row.  They are 7-0 this season.  By now, you’ve probably heard all the talk about UCF’s Athletic Director, Danny White, clamoring about how UCF should be considered for the College Football Playoff.  White’s argument is based on UCF’s winning streak and record, which dates back to last season, but the CFP Board of Directors argues that UCF’s competition/strength of schedule has been lacking.  The Board of Directors has a valid point, and until UCF plays a real threat, they won’t climb much closer than where they’ve been placed now (12th in the nation).

But even with that humbling news, UCF is still winning…and I’m not talking about on the field!  I’m talking about in business.  As the Athletic Director, Danny White has made a name for himself.  Through the constant use of Twitter, and his extremely innovative ways, White has made UCF a popular name in the news.  Just last season, after UCF posted an undefeated season, White led the charge in stating that UCF was a National Champion.  UCF even hosted a champion’s parade in downtown Orlando, for the undefeated Knights.  One might even say, thanks to the leadership of White, a UCF graduate purchased a banner and plane to fly over Camping World Stadium during Alabama’s opening game of this season, which congratulated UCF on being National Champions.  UCF even gave their coaching staff championship raises, provided championship rings to the team, as well as a championship banner!  And through all of this, even though most of it is in a joking manner, the media has been eating it up!  Why is that a win?  Because Danny White is making sure UCF’s name is constantly in the public eye.  That helps with boosters, recruiting, and even admissions!

Ultimately, Danny White is teaching us how the “fake it ’til you make it” adage rings true.  He’s teaching us how to become relevant even though you may not yet be.  He’s teaching us how to publicize nothing into something.  He’s teaching us that it doesn’t take a million dollar marketing company or team to create amazing results, and you know what?  He’s succeeding!  Businesses can and should learn from this, because there’s no need to spend millions on marketing…just hiring the right person and people.  This, my friends, is what we call marketing genius, and this is what has UCF winning on and off the field!

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