Are We Losing Our Freedoms Because of the Media???

Just yesterday, the New York Post – a company that used to be well respected, might have taken a step too far.  They publicized a video of a man sucking on the feet of a woman, in a vehicle, while stopped at a red light.  If you’d like, you may click HERE to view the video.

All jokes and kidding aside about what was caught on film, what concerns me most of all is that not only did another driver film these people, but a major media outlet actually publicized it!  Being that we work in television, even in a public domain, if you can identify the subjects/people, you MUST gain their express written consent if you are to be able to use footage of them.  In this case, the New York Post failed to do this step.

Consider this, while I am not agreeing with what the couple did in the vehicle, the vehicle was not in motion at the time, nor were they putting the lives of anyone at risk, according to what is seen in the video. You certainly cannot say the same when someone is texting and driving.

But while we all understand we are being recorded in public at time, due to cameras from different companies, the most concerning thing of all is that another individual filmed this, and a major media outlet publicized it.  Where does public filming stop?  If a mother breastfeeds in public, but is covered, does someone have the right to film that, and does a major media outlet have the right to publicize it without permission?  If someone picks their nose in public, while it may be amusing, is it right to film it and publicize it?

I can tell you that we have all done things in public, whether intentionally or by accident, but if we are not hurting others, and we aren’t hurting ourselves, is it acceptable to record someone, and then place that footage online, whether through social media or through a major media outlet???!!!  Personally, I do not believe this is ok.  Personally, I believe this means we lose our freedom each and every time we step foot in public.  Is this the cost of going out in public???  Could you imagine someone filming your children, and then that footage being seen by millions because the New York Post found it amusing???!!!  I, personally, could not fathom it, and I believe the New York Post has truly hurt the character of these individuals by posting their story through social media.  I understand newspapers were once well respected, and now are the laughing stock of all mediums, but THIS is not the proper way to gain readership/viewership.  THIS is taking away freedoms of people.


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