Advertising/PR – Television Opp or Not? – Marketing Prof – A guide to marketing correctly – Lesson 5

We at How 2 Media are all about maximizing opportunities for our clients.  For us, success isn't measured by our bottom line; it is measured by the success of our clients.  And to have true client success, you need to market correctly.  Though many, many companies have marketing directors, marketing officials, and even entire marketing departments, many companies lack the knowledge of today's correct version of marketing, and suffer the consequences from not understanding how to properly market.  Many times companies will go to outside marketing companies for help, and while there are a select few marketing companies that truly do listen to their clients, and help their clients, the majority of such marketing companies are simply out for money, push their own cookie-cutter agenda, and don't even listen to a company's wants and needs. That is why we have created a cheat sheet of sorts, and a guide, in order to help companies implement the proper steps of marketing, and to help companies truly benefit from properly marketing.  That is why we bring you today, lesson 5:  Trusting Your Employees

1:  Trusting Your Employees:

Successful businesses, and successful marketing plans are built around the employees of companies.  Intelligent businesses owners understand that without the dedication of their employees, their business would fail.  Granted, someone needs to take the reigns of the company and you could easily say that without the owner, there would be no company in the first place, the but the heartbeat of any company are the employees.  That's why, when you're doing marketing, your employees play a humungous role for you and your company.  Your employees are likely the gateway or liaison between your company and your clients, and based on this, it's the actions of your employees that will allow perspective clients to understand whether your company's marketing promises are true or not.

Let's face it, everyone in the world appreciates and is looking for honesty.  Honesty builds trust for perspective and existing clientele, and without honesty, there is no trust.  Without trust, there is no doing business with clients, and without doing business with clients, the company fails and goes out of business.  It's a vicious cycle, but it's a cycle many businesses can't pass.  Just like when you were in school, this is pass and fail...there is no gray area when it comes to honesty and trust.  Based on this, when you send out your marketing message, which touts honesty and trustworthiness, you and your employees will have to back that up with ACTIONS.  I put that in all caps because even in the 21st century, we still have people that are simply all talk and no action.  Let me tell you from experience, all talk and no action leads to failure.  Your clients and prospective clients are judging you solely on your actions.  When your employees go into action, your existing clients and perspective clients are going to be looking to make sure their actions are backing up your marketing promises.  This means, their tone should be the correct tone, emails should be drafted appropriately, and be read at least 5 times, and they should be carrying through with any promises they give to people.  For example, if they say they are going to call someone at 3:30pm, they should be calling that person at 3:30pm, not 3:31pm.  People like people being on time.  Time is money, and your clients don't have time to waste.

When it comes to emails, I often come across people whom read emails with a tone.  I find it interesting since you can never really tell the tone of an email.  One of my friends, though, for instance, will always read me an email with a tone attached to it.  And usually that tone is a negative one.  I then ask him, "have you considered reading it like this?", and will show him how his negative take on the email could, in fact, be completely turned around.  I then remind him that you never really know the tone an email was written.  So, the best thing you and your employees can do is to actually write, "I hope you are doing well", or, "I hope all is well", or something to let people know you are in a good mood, you mean no harm, and you even if the email is something people don't want to hear, at least you're not being rude about it.  Ultimately, people want empathy from others, and by wishing them well, you are starting off your email with a positive tone.  That kind of care is what will help you and your employees carry through with your marketing message of trust and honesty, and will help keep current clients happy, and new ones excited to work with you.

Ultimately, trust is the name of the game, and you need to be able to trust your employees.  Implement the right kind of internal marketing for your employees to follow, and let them be the heartbeat of your company!

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