World’s Greatest TV Show Episode 213

World’s Greatest TV Show Episode 213

Chesapeake Testing has become an industry leader in ballistic and armor protections systems testing. Approved by the U.S. Army Aberdeen test center to perform helmet and hard & soft armor testing, this company is responsible for ensuring the safety of men and women around the country. Headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility, Chesapeake Testing has over 12,000 ft. of administrative space, 40,550+ square feet of lab space, 8 indoor firing ranges, 1 large, drive- in, non- ballistic testing laboratory, environmental conditioning lab, CT X-Ray facility, machine/fabrication shop, secure product holding areas, outdoor range, full instrumentation suite & machine shop, US Army Joint Test Boar Tier-II Rating, and more!

Since 1985, RBF Office Interiors has been leading the way in the field of new, recycled and remanufactured office furniture. They were one of the first three companies in the US to develop and refine this industry. With an in house design team, RBF will help you plan your custom workstation, CAD design and layouts, instillation and delivery. Their goal is to build you a cost effective workstation that best suits your needs.

Founded in 1995, Globus has experienced over twenty years of growth in the design, construction, and commissioning of plants that focus on the continuous treatment of metal strips all over the world. Globus has developed a unique manufacturing process by working backward. Starting with the finished product that the customer is looking for, Globus selects the appropriate technologies and then integrates them so that each stage is based on the others. That is how they create their lines for cleaning, surface treatments, painting, lacquering, printing, laminating to plastic films and embossing. Globus also focuses on roll coaters, chemical coaters, paint coaters, automation, tension leveling, degreasing and coating, coil processing, and rolling technology.

IcyBreeze is an innovative design than not only acts as a cooler, but a portable air conditioning unit as well. By filling the unit with 2 quarts of water, the water starts circulating through a radiator. With a rechargeable battery in the unit, the cooler has the ability to have a three speed fan that draws air through the radiator and chills the air around you. As the cold air blows out of the vent, the user has the ability to move the flexi-hose in a direction of their choosing for temperatures up to 35 degrees cooler than the outside air. Furthermore, the 38QT cooler is not only spacious, but when you are not using the air conditioning, the ice can last up to 7 days.

My Core Control, Inc. was founded with the idea of bringing “Personal Thermal Control Products” into existence. Their products can be worn as a band accessory, sewn into apparel or incorporated into industrial gear. Their products are designed to raise the human core temperature on demand by utilizing the simple push of a button. Tested by Fortune 100 companies and several occupational groups, their products have the ability to increase body temperature by almost five times the norm. On top of that, My Core Control also features a warm line of winter and hunting jackets.

Theatrixx Technologies has found success by building custom equipment for the video, lighting, audio, power, and cables for the performing arts industry. Their in- house team is responsible for creating innovative devices and systems that are built to withstand all of potential hazards of life on the road and for building demanding stage instillations. Furthermore, the company has the ability to work in collaboration with their clients to develop solutions for each specific need. This means producing prototypes and delivering finished products within time sensitive schedules and within an established budget.

This next company reminds me of all of the toys we had in our house growing up. I had two older brothers who were obsessed with all things construction. We had the little toy cranes, utility vehicles, dump trucks, you name it. When I look at companies like this next one, I still think of when I was just a little kid.
Breaker Technology is known for manufacturing and distributing a wide range of equipment for the mining, quarries, construction and demolition industries. Specializing in hydraulic hammers, mobile rock breakers, stationary and portable rock breaker systems. BTI has built their reputation for engineering products by utilizing the most advanced technologies available. Equipment includes: rockbreaker systems, mobile equipment, hydraulic breakers, and attachments.